Established on October 20th, 1981, in one of the most beautiful and important cities of Brazil, Salvador, Anchieta School has, over the years, extended its services to the entire chain of education (children from 2 to 18 years old). Our school has grown as a highly respected educational institution, where, currently, there are nearly 3,500 students enrolled in the three different locations listed below:

126 Padre Anchieta Square, Pituba (Zip code 41810-830).

292 Érico Veríssimo Street, Itaigara (Zip code 40815-340)

203 Clara Nunes Street, Aquarius (Zip code 41810-425).

Anchieta Jr. to Sr. High School is aimed at educating children (Itaigara and Aquarius) and teenagers (in Pituba). It is primarily concerned about having its students practice their citizenship, and along with strong ethical and moral formation, see that they acquire the necessary tools and abilities to succeed in their social and professional life.

Even though Anchieta is not a religious school (as in officially related to some religion), its philosophy is Christian-oriented, being Father José de Anchieta, Brazil’s first and major Christianizer, its Patron. Father Anchieta introduced Brazil’s first educational system, and was also the first to write poems and plays in order to instruct and catechize Indians and settlers through literature.

This Web site is Portuguese-only, but we would be very glad to help you in English:

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